Week 01: Staging Serendipity

"The cave you seek to enter holds the treasure you seek." - Joseph Cambell

This scavenger hunt began in Canvas, our launchpad and our comfort zone. You are free to revisit the welcome page and videos here.  Now that we've left that behind, let's get ready to roll.

Welcome traveler! To get started read this Week 01 post carefully; watch the videos, and do the tasks at the bottom of the page. This will lead you to the next stage of the scavenger hunt, which needs to be complete by Sunday.  I know - you are so tempted to jump to the bottom and just do the tasks.  I know.  It would be best if you actually read the notes and watch the videos.  Trust me.  

Instructor's Notes

Each Monday new bits of the course will be published here on the StoryLab blog - outlining the theme and tasks for the week. Click on Weeklies in the menu above to find these.  You can also click on Authors to find anything published by me.  Once you begin publishing here on StoryLab (next week) you will be there too.

This week we are Staging Serendipity.

We will spend this week preparing for our hero's journey.  We'll pack our bags, review the roadmap, gas-up, and get to know our fellow travelers - as things will get busy quickly.  Normally I will post the Weekly-Thing to Slack but this week's thing is getting you into Slack.  I'll email you directions on Wednesday.  We'll also be using hypothes.is for the first time to annotate the course syllabus - where all the weird details reside, where you'll be able to ask any questions about the course, and where I'll ask you some things too. I'll guide you through getting your accounts and easing into these platforms.  That's what this week is all about.  

INTE5340 uses a story-metaphor in which you (the learner) are the hero, I (the teacher) am the mentor, and your classmates (them) are the sidekicks.  The syllabus is our map and points us in some specific directions, but please understand

- this course invites serendipity and happy accidents.  

Our journey is fully mapped in the syllabus, but it is not set in stone.  Depending on your interests, we may stray in different directions.  I ask you to think of it somewhat like a choose-your-own-adventure course in which the experiences you have are dependent on the choices you make.  I would say we operate somewhere around level-3 in the inquiry-based learning model (guided inquiry):

Yes, I will give you instructions and task to do each week. These will loosen-up and shift over the arc of the course - as I will slowly shift things so that you are in charge of your own learning.  I don't mind if you or we deviate from the map (syllabus) as long as we keep moving, keep learning, and reach our destination.  Here are some bits from past classes to give you a sense of the hard fun and serendipity we explore.

Your instructions for getting setup this week are in a bit of a scavenger hunt format that kicks-off below.  Follow the steps. Answer the questions.  Do the things.  And you will find yourself squared away in hypothes.is and Slack in no time.   I look forward to getting to know you and hearing your stories.  

This Week's Tasks
  1. Read & watch all of the above. 
  2. Read the syllabus.
  3. Explore INTE5340 & DS106 on the interwebs to get familiar with the kind of things we make.  #inte5340 twitter, #ds106 twitter, YouTube, Soundcloud 
  4. Review the Challenges list. You'll be doing one of these next week, so you might want to pick now.
  5. Establish your hypothes.is account. (please use your real name)
  6. Watch how hypothes.is works in the video below.
  7. Use hypothes.is - join us in annotating the course syllabus with hypothes.is.  Ask any questions about the course there. 
  8. I've left the next steps of this scavenger hunt in the margins of the syllabus. for you there in hypothes.is. Find them. Do them. They will get you to Slack...

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