Reflection 1, Week 4

- What have you learned or gained thus far? Details.

I utilized some public domain resources that I have not used before, and enjoyed scrolling through the content and seeing the wide array of media available.

I haven’t focused on exclusively audio productions, or attempted a radio genre voiceover. That was definitely something I would not have done if not pushed by a class assignment.

- What would you like to learn more about? Why?

I would like to learn more about how digital storytelling is different from traditional storytelling. Looking at story archetypes is something I’ve done for analog courses in the past. What I find interesting about the popularity of Youtube and the like is that many of the most popular videos are of people playing video games or applying makeup...there isn’t really a plot. I also find unboxing videos very puzzling, but all of this suggests that people are interested in media that is essentially plotless. How do you square this with a more traditional view that entertainment must have a 3 act structure and reflect epic mythology?

- Have you left the status-quo behind? Do you feel challenged? Explain.


Oddly, the thing I am challenged by is using interfaces that I have used elsewhere. I use Slack at work, and I find it distracting and disorganized. If you have a conversation with information you need, you have to remember which thread it was in, and then scroll backwards looking for it. I find it less problematic in this class setting, but that feeling that you are chained to an application and have to answer right away is unpleasant. I used Hypothesis in a previous course, and I found conversations tangential, whereas I prefer a thematically driven conversation. I also think the notes on the side thing is not the best real estate for a conversation.

- What did you expect coming into this course, and what have you actually received, thus far?

I didn’t really have a clear sense of what this course was going to offer. I like seeing the work of my fellow students and the array of responses to prompts and challenges. I have reviewed different examples of storytelling in a variety of genres, which was inspiring. I've also created an audio project, which helped me develop some experience with audio compositions.

- What would you like to learn and do for the second four weeks of our time together?

For this class, or any class in this program, I want artifacts that I can use in a professional portfolio. I want to produce examples I can give to potential clients that would project a sense of value and expertise. I would also like to study successful examples of this, i.e. digital storytelling in a training capacity that will assist me in producing future projects.

- Reflect specifically on the ideas/ideals presented in the videos, and the article we annotated this week. With whom do you agree or disagree most strongly - Sir Ken Robinson, John Seely Brown, or Henry Jenkins? Explain.

I read and watched the content, and after a few days, the ideas that I retained the most were those of Sir Ken Robinson. He is articulate and has a strong point of view. Robinson provided a disclaimer that he was not qualified to evaluate medical situations, though I think the drawings of what medication does to students were memorable because they were over the top. He took the idea that this was a great injustice and ran with it, and I would say effectively. He came across as passionate, which I think helps as well. I also think having imagery that illustrates the point is much more effective than b-roll of Hawaiian scenery, which was featured in the Seely Brown video. The point Seely Brown made which I retained was about the groups of surfer kids working together and filming themselves, and that did have visual footage that matched. I thought most of the content in Jenkin’s paper was sensible. Even though Jenkins evaluation was mostly about youth, I thought adults could also use some training. In terms of contemporary communication, I also worry about Deepfakes and the like, how will any of us prepare for that?

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