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The Text Neck Brace

I was inspired to create this design fiction project by a story in the news this week called "Horns Growing On Young Peoples' Skulls - Cell Phones To Blame."  The news article claimed that young people were developing bone spurs (small horns) at the base of their skulls because of poor posture from device use.  While the "scientific evidence" behind this has not been proven, the very real symptoms from "text neck" are being treated by doctors everyday.  I designed my futuristic product around the idea that people may need to start wearing a neck brace daily for pain.  It is not so much a new creation as it is a re-branding.  The idea is to create a "stylish" product that helps with a medical problem - as if a neck brace can be stylish!

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I am an elementary school teacher embarking on my first year as a DTL next year. In my free time, I enjoy reading, hiking, traveling and trying new restaurants with my husband and 2 sons.