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Challenge #2: Take a River Break


My Challenge 2 is about work-life balance and my continual attempts each day to take a break and go down to the Platte River for a walk. I guess the primary media is simply “video” but it begins and ends with animation video and then the center is outdoor video/audio.

I produced the project in Camtasia, which is an amazing program with tons of features but also has a high learning curve (at least for me). It required lots of Googling for how-to's along the way.  But in the end it always provides great results. Camtasia also has an effective and easy-to-use recording add-in for PowerPoint with auto MP4 exports directly into the Camtasia editing suite. Also, it turns out the PPT has a live-action pseudo-whiteboarding feature as well.  The voiceover I did in Audacity and exported as an MP3. I recorded nearly 20 segments of river walking with my android phone and I compiled a selection of 5 inside Camtasia with many fade ins and fade outs.

I hope that the river walk is relaxing for you. It's a bit long (6 min) but that is intentional so you have time to immerse yourself in the experience.

Note: The "Things to Do List" used in the animation (shown below) is accessible at as a non-commercial use PDF with the applicable Terms of Use: "Visitors can then download content from the website no matter the volume for non-commercial use as long as:...  Content cannot be downloaded for commercial use."

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