Renovate My Ride

I decided to take on a nice big challenge both in life and in the world of digital storytelling.

I am using the same topic, but different projects for my remaining two challenges, documenting the design process of turning my SUV into a camper car.

It's going to be pretty awesome. I've been planning to build this for a while and I think it's a good story to tell (with little bits of learning along the way).

Challenge #2

For this challenge, I elaborated on the "Draw my Life" prompt. It was a huge learning process for me. I tried a lot of different tools and methods before I found one I liked. I ended up making two videos. The first was my motivation and overall design process, and the second was a mind-map defining my needs.

Media #1: Drawing

My primary media was drawing. Most of the drawings in the first video I drew on paper, then transformed in Adobe Illustrator. (Learned a lot about Adobe Illustrator!) Any of the drawings in both videos that involve me writing things out or the image changing over time I made by screen recording drawing on my tablet.

Media #2: Audio

I planned for my project by storyboarding, and then I wrote a script and recorded it (Yeti Blue Microphone). I edited the audio (Audacity) and then I made the drawings, mindful of time, but well aware that I would be editing. Then I added music into my audio track (

Pulling it all together

I used Camtasia to pull everything together. I laid the audio track, then began adding in my stagnant images and the screen recordings of my drawings. I had to change the timing quite a bit, and sped up the recordings depending on how things aligned with the audio track.

I used the Zoom and Pan feature in Camtasia A LOT. It was a bit of a learning curve or me to determine how to set multiple images/videos up to look like they are all a part of one big image. Carlee's stop motion Challenge gave me the idea of using a stop motion sun as a neat way of transitioning throughout the video.

From failure comes success

I'm glad that I decided to dive into the deep end and not settle for less. I made more mistakes and had more snags on this project than I've ever had before. I spent a TON of time failing. But I learned so much because of it. I originally filmed myself drawing everything, but the angle of the video was really difficult to get right and I wasn't able to make any mistakes. It's also a new camera and there was a pretty big learning curve there too.

I bounced a lot of ideas off of friends and family when things kept not going my way, and ultimately landed on the screen-capture method. The best part about this was that I could make mistakes. I would just press undo and then cut that part out of the video. When I was trying to film myself drawing, it was hard to accept the mistakes, and the screen-capture allowed me to be a perfectionist.

Tools I'm now better at using

Adobe Illustrator
Camera: Sony a6000
Microphone: Yeti Blue

Beyond this project

I'm going to really invest time in the continuation project. First of all, the platform is going to make my life so much more organized when I'm out of town climbing (which is often). And secondly, I have the time right now to document the story and work on learning new skills and new tools.

I'm posting only the first video right now, but there is a second that is very similar style, which I'll be adding soon. I intend to write blog posts about everything on my travel-blog ( and when I do so, I'll be posting these publicly on Youtube. But I'm not quite there yet.

For the third Challenge, I'm filming building, and creating a section on my blog to house and organize videos and designs I've drawn and post other reflections and insights. I may be 3d printing a model of my final design this weekend, which would be a fun thing to include. I have a good network of go-getters in my life, and I love exchanging work for work. A good friend of mine is a contractor and I work for him from time to time since I like working with my hands. I put a couple days of work in last week building a porch in exchange for a couple days next week of him helping me build my platform and letting me use all his fancy tools.

Stay tuned for more!

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