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Final Reflection: Collective Wisdom annotation (updated links)

It seems that in order to view my annotated document, you have to JOIN MY HYPOTHES.IS GROUP. Click here: Group jacki-inte5340-reflection (  

Once you are in the group, here is the link to the Collective Wisdom annotated document (the same link as before):  

After you have viewed or annotated the document, you can simply use the group drop-down to leave the group (see screenshot below).  


As my Final Reflection on INTE 5340, I have done my own annotations on the Week 8 reading of the field study executive summary: Collective Wisdom: Co-Creating Media Within Communities, Across Disciplines and with Algorithms. In my comments, I have related excerpts from the field study to my experiences in this class and to digital storytelling & learning overall.

Here is the link to my: comments on the Collective Wisdom PDF online. Please let me know if this link does not work or does not allow you to add responses (if you so choose).

Thank you, Brad, and all of my co-creators in INTE 5340, for allowing me to be along for the ride on this road trip!

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