Reflection #1 (Week 4)

  1. - What have you learned or gained thus far? Details.
    So far, this course has made me reflect on the power that storytelling has on our modern learners.  As a classroom teacher, I have been taking the teacher's perspective for most of our articles and projects.  Specifically, I have been learning a lot about the power that stories have on the 21stc century learner.  A first example is the idea that literature and storytelling can teach students how to empathize with a fictional character and then hopefully transpose that ability to their "real" life.  Another way that storytelling can be powerful to our modern learner is that it might be a passageway for them to use story creation as a form of play that inspires high level thinking.    
  2. - What would you like to learn more about? Why?
    I am loving the resources and articles we have read so far.  After this week's reading on "Media Education for the 21st Century," I would love more information about resources that show what classroom teachers are currently doing to incorporate media into their lessons.  This article was a little outdated, so I am really interested in seeing how this idea has developed over the last decade. To be very specific, I would love to know how English teachers are using technology and media, since a lot of this article was based on other subjects.    
  3. - Have you left the status-quo behind? Do you feel challenged? Explain.
    With my first project in this class, I felt like I took a safe path.  I used a program (Canva) that I am already familiar with, and I only needed one form of media.  This allowed me to focus solely on being creative with the content, so this was a little challenging.  The thing that I think will challenge me more is creating the larger projects.  I am already starting to research things that I have not used (PowToons and Soundcloud for example) in order to get ready for incorporating more media into my storytelling.  This learning process is challenging, which I love.      
  4. - What did you expect coming into this course, and what have you actually received, thus far?

5. - What would you like to learn and do for the second four weeks of our time together?
Since I am a high school teacher, I am most interested in how digital storytelling can be used in the classroom in a way that is creative, inexpensive, and timely.  I am interested in getting sources to show how digital storytelling is used to engage students.  I use some blogging and website creation in my classes, for example, but I know there is a lot more that I can be doing to get the students more engaged and inspire their creativity.  

6. - Reflect specifically on the ideas/ideals presented in the videos above, and the article we annotated this week. With whom do you agree or disagree most strongly - Sir Ken Robinson, John Seely Brown, or Henry Jenkins? Explain.

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