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Reach for the Stars | Challenge #3

Challenge: Critique / DIY
Primary Media: Audio, Video, Photo, Music
Tools Utilized:
Audio: Blue Snowball Ice (Audio capture), Audacity (Audio editing),
Jamendo (Creative Commons Music)
Video: Samsung Galaxy S10 (Video capture), Camtasia (Video editing)
Photo: Samsung Galaxy S10 (My photography), (Creative Commons/No attribution necessary photos)
Hosting: YouTube

For this challenge I wanted to discuss/reflect/critique projection mapping as a form of digital storytelling. I attended the 50th Anniversary of the Apollo 11 landing event in Washington DC and was completely mesmerized. I wasn't familiar with the concept of projection mapping and it was a beautiful way to display the footage for this commemorative event. Unfortunately at the time I didn't realize the footage I was capturing was going to be used for my project or I would have held still better - so my apologies in advance for the video. It's a bit shaky, especially because I sped it up.

I utilized a variety of editing tools - both video and audio - to accomplish this story. I wanted to retell my experience of a retelling of another experience (so meta - I know). I would love to hear any feedback from you for how I can improve from next time and I hope you enjoy the video!

All media included in this project is mine, except for the photo of the astronaut and the galaxy which came from (and were available for use without attribution), and the small snippet of song at the beginning which is called Rain by Gregoire Lourme. His music was also available via Creative Commons at

Here's a peek at the timeline for this project in Camtasia.

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