StoryLab Publishing (Ghost)

All students in INTE5340 are given a StoryLab account allowing them to author and publish digital stories.

StoryLab runs on a platform called Ghost, which makes blogging simple and easy.  To publish a post (story) requires

  • Create and organize your content (text, media, etc.)
  • Write & build your story (post)
  • Add a professional featured image (post settings)
  • Add appropriate tags (post settings
  • Click on Publish or Update in the upper right corner to share your work


Your posts will are automatically saved in the background while you're writing.  Saving occurs in 60 second intervals, or whenever you stop writing - whichever comes first. You won't notice anything happening, magic poltergeists take care of everything behind the scenes.  

Posts are saved as drafts and are not public until you click Publish or Update in the upper right corner.

Rich editing at your fingertips

The editor delivers power and flexibility, with the ability to quickly add content such as images, galleries, videos, embeds and code.

Adding Stuff

The editor can also handle rich media objects, called cards.

You can insert a card either by clicking the  +  button on a new line, or typing  / on a new line to search for a particular card. This allows you to insert images, markdown, html, galleries and embeds.

Ghost Editor: Cards

For Example:

  • Embed a video from YouTube or Vimeo by pasting the URL
  • Upload an image or embed one directly from Unsplash
  • Embed audio from Spotify or Soundcloud by pasting the URL
  • Adding custom code using the HTML card  

Working with images

You can add images to your posts in many ways:

  • Upload from your computer
  • Click and drag an image into the browser
  • Paste directly into the editor from your clipboard
  • Insert using a URL

Once inserted you can blend images beautifully into your content at different sizes and add captions wherever needed.

Post Settings

Access post settings by clicking the small gear icon the upper right corner of the page.

The featured image is the large introductory image that sits at the top of your story and appears on the front page of the blog.  It needs to be high quality, professional, and have relevance to the story.

You may upload your own image or you may search and insert directly from Unsplash.  If you upload your own, make sure it is sized appropriately, i.e. somewhere around 1600 x 900 pixels


A tag is a descriptive term that you assign to your story to categorize it and make it easier to find. Every page and post requires at least 3 tags.  

  • Tags tell us what kind of story you're telling, e.g. Fandom, Critique, Ethnography, etc.  
  • Tags tell us your primary media you're using, e.g. Audio, Video, Graphics, etc.
  • Tags tell us about your core topic, e.g. Family, Tools, Education, etc.


  • Create and organize your content
  • Write & build your story (post)
  • Add a professional featured image
  • Add appropriate  tags
  • Click on Publish or Update in the upper right corner to Save