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Powtoon Review

For my third challenge, I decided to do a critique of Powtoon. Though I realize now that I've learned to love this tool and it sounds more like I'm marketing for them!

Powtoon can be accessed at and offers video and animation presentations.

I wanted to take a different and rather challenging approach. I decided to use Powtoon to actually critique the tool itself, rather than doing a screencast of the tool. Within the animation, you will see intentionally placed screenshots within the computer icon to show viewers parts of the Powtoon tool. I added my own commentary and background music to further explain my review.

Overall, I had a lot of fun with this and am actually excited to say that I feel competent in using Powtoon now!

Earlier in the week, I also created two other Powtoons, which can be found below. I thought I would share because you can almost see how my skills have changed as I've worked with this tool more.

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