Challenges, Blast From the Past

Pavlov's Dogs: Blast from the Past

Digital Story (Medium)
Challenge: Blast from the Past:
Primary Media: GIF and Microsoft Sway

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I chose to complete the challenge Blast from the Past by recreating Ivan Pavlov's work with classical conditioning and dogs in the form of a GIF. To showcase this information I chose Microsoft Sway.

I used to teach high school Psychology but never in this way. I always lectured on this content so taking it on in a different way was a little scary but I loved the results. If I were still teaching Psychology or History I would introduce a whole segment to my classes called GIF History or GIF Psychology. It was so fun to recreate a moment from History in GIF form and I know my students would have enjoyed it too. Additionally, Microsoft Sway was an engaging way to present content that I know they would have loved as well. (I think I am starting to miss the classroom! So many great ideas!)

This project was so much fun. I had never created a GIF previously and I also hadn't worked with Sway. Both turned out to be interesting forms of media/tools that were more fun than expected. Staging the video for the GIF was the most entertaining part of the process. I have two dogs, Stryder and Darwin. The one pictured here (Stryder) is the most food motivated of the two. I hooked up his leashes to look like the restraints utilized by Pavlov and set out the food but Stryder kept pulling the shelf down that he had been tied to while trying to get to the food. In the process he also soaked the carpet with drool. His salivation began at the sound of the food container opening. (He is a true Pavlovian dog -- quite conditioned!)


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Media Utilized

Gif Editor Maker App (Gif creation and editing)

LoopVid App (Video editing)

Microsoft Sway (Presentation Tool)

Pine Tools (Image Mirroring)

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