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Mentors... Now you have a friend in the hero business!

If you have listened to the radio in Colorado, Georgia, Minnesota, Utah, Tennessee, California, Indiana, Arizona, Washington, Kansas, Oregon, Missouri, or Kentucky, you have heard your friend in the diamond business, Tom Shane. Find a video of my inspiration (my commercial mentor, if you will) recording in his classic style here.

Tom Shane is well known for his distinct commercial style - "de-positioning." His commercials makes listeners feel like he is the proprietor of a local business rather than a nationwide franchise.

Story mentors are similar; they follow the same stereotypes of their archetype, but each mentor has an individual, intimate relationship with their hero. From Dumbledore to Philoctetes, mentors are our friends in the hero business.

Interested in learning more about this style of presentation? Learn more about Shane Co.'s strategy of de-positioning here.


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