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Newer Horizons: Destination Unknown

After starting five separate projects and quickly abandoning each of them, I desperately landed on Vintage Futurism.

The description stated, "Remix vintage public domain to explain a modern topic or story." Without a single idea in mind, I scrolled through the Prelinger Archives in hopes of stumbling upon inspiration.

To New Horizons travels through the Futurama exhibit created by General Motors for the 1940 World's Fair. This video focuses on innovation for a better tomorrow. In contrast, Destination Earth features an alien named Colonel Cosmic who lands on earth to discover the two things that allegedly make America great: Oil and competition. This video was sponsored by the Oil Industry Information Committee of the American Petroleum Institute in 1956.

I downloaded the To New Horizons audio file and the Countdown Leader and Destination Earth video files from Prelinger Archives. I used Garageband (my nemesis) to cut the audio file from 23:00 to 3:00, which was definitely the most difficult task. I used iMovie to cut the Destination Earth footage from 13:37, as well to compose and edit the final product.  

Honestly, I have no idea how these files fit together so well in the editing process. As Elizabeth Gilbert writes in her book Big Magic, sometimes inspiration finds you, and you choose to accept it. I do not have a better explanation for this project...
So, that's my story, and I'm stickin' to it.

Newer Horizons: Destination Unknown

Creative Commons Attribution

Countdown Leader by Technicolor Corporation is licensed under PDM
Destination Earth by Sutherland (John) Productions is licensed under PDM

To New Horizons by Handy (Jam) Organization is licensed under PDM

Person holding there is no planet b poster by Bob Blob via Unsplash
Love & Protect our Beautiful earth banner by John Cameron via Unsplash
Selective focus photography of hands by Paddy O Sullivan via Unsplash

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