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Crested Butte CO, Slate River during sunset 

What have you learned or gained thus far? Details.

This past week and weekend was a journey of looking outside myself in such a range of ways. I felt like I have fully reflected on myself personally and educationally. As I rounded out my basecamp from this program and wrote of my academic achievements, my previous life came calling.

I used to be a personal assistant to a very wealthy family, we traveled the world together and I know most of the intimate details of their lives. They would "summer" in Crested Butte every year, I met my partner Chris in CB and ended up making my summering-and-working-vacation on the western slope a full-time lifestyle. They are in town, invited myself and my family to come and stay with them in the log cabin they bought in downtown CB for a measly 1.3 million. The log cabin that they are planning to re-model, over the fall, for another $500,000. They showed me the life of extreme opulence and also are some of the most gracious, caring, and generous people I have ever met.

As I packed up for a quick road trip and weekend in the mountains, I reflected on who I was 3 years ago when I left my job. The archetype of a wanderer and traveler, shifting myself to their life and schedule. Here I am now "the sage" archetype of a  mother, partner, and almost graduate. What I have learned is simple that the woven fabric of my life is about using the different textiles to ground my story. Weaving myself back and forth between alternate realities to give the common story arc that western culture is attuned to hearing and relating to.

Gunnison CO, Blue Mesa at sunset with a silhouette of my daughter and partner.

What would you like to learn more about? Why?

As we packed up into my same Honda-CRV, an ethnographic relic that spans both of my most recent lives. We drove through the Star Wars like desert in Delta and Olathe, into the Disney's Bambi meadow-lands of Cerro and Sapinero, and into the beautiful great lake land of the massive Blue Mesa and Gunnison. I thought about what I wanted to become, although I saw the past flying by, where was I going?

I want to learn more about how to use storytelling with numbers and data that are collected with AI. I also want to learn about how to be mindful of the human experience and the persuasion of that experience.

Have you left the status-quo behind? Do you feel challenged? Explain.

I have begrudgingly left Canvas behind, conversely and much less begrudgingly I left Grand Junction behind too. Being in CB is a strangely challenging place, it is place of peaceful trails that are deceivingly difficult, locals vs. vacationers, and long sunsets.

This class has been similar to CB in some ways there has been these moments of ease, storytelling and the cultural and anthropological origins of humans gravitating to similar messaging, is much like my anthropology undergrad. There is also a mixture of difficultly to breakout of my designing shell, using different tools or more difficult tools that I have yet to master. Although most of this trail is familiar I am still panting and breathing heavy in the high altitude. I always have felt that I straddle the line of being a local in CB because I was usually working class like them but I was also not a local because I was on a strange quasi-vacation. This class is similar, I feel like there is a lot of K-12 influence, and while I know about K-12 I don't have a passion for it. I am trying to balance someone breaking into adult learning and managing the influence of teaching to younger generations rather than the current.  

What did you expect coming into this course, and what have you actually received, thus far?

I expected my time in CB this past weekend to be the same a whirlwind and in someways it was but someways it was different. This course was to be another basic Canvas class and about production. I think it is more about reflecting on the process of things around you and experiences not producing as much as I thought I would have to. CB was similar, I thought it would be busy, and it was, but in some ways it was so relaxing and different than the previous times I was there. I didn't get to do my usual solitarily activities but instead looking at the changes in my life that impede from that (a family and friends to visit).

What would you like to learn and do for the second four weeks of our time together?

I would like to learn more about storytelling for adult learners, what specifically makes an adult have interest should the story or design of the story be different. Should it parallel their learning or experiences or just be intriguing? I would like to also spend the next 4 weeks in CB paralleling these stories but unfortunately that is not going to be possible.

Reflect specifically on the ideas/ideals presented in the videos above, and the article we annotated this week. With whom do you agree or disagree most strongly - Sir Ken Robinson, John Seely Brown, or Henry Jenkins? Explain.

I agree with John Seely Brown more, I love the idea of people exploring and connecting the dots naturally to a range of ideas and topics. I also don't believe that any of the great thinkers we analyzed are necessarily wrong in their thoughts, but I feel like my educational philosophy is more closely linked to Seely-Brown's. I also wonder about the feasibility of making this learning possible in corporate or adult settings.

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