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Imagine a world where all of our data has been published on public domains throughout the internet. This was my thought when designing this fictional product. After a dialogue with a peer, applying for my Equifax settlement, and the aging FaceApp, our data and what companies are allowed to collect and sell about us has been on my mind.

I have a pretty pessimistic view on the world of data mapping and mining, this contributed to my idea that eventually our government will have to take action because an event like "The Data Breech of 2029" is in our future. From that pessimistic seed I grew the idea of LAPP, a legal app that negotiates your terms of services with companies.

Check out the LAPP site that I made on SiteModify. I also used Photoshop and Canva to create static images and GIF's to provide some fun movement in the testimonials and for my own personal logo.

I also made this advertisement video with Powtoons. The audio is a mixture of Freesound files: Spanish Street Noises, Alert Noise, Piano Loop, Clapping, & Beach Waves and I used GarageBand to record and mix.  

Full disclosure, I didn't read the terms of service for SiteModify or the new terms of service for Powtoons. I HAVE read Canva and Photoshop's terms of service. I am not a human LAPP but I wish I was, or at least that we had a way to negotiate our terms of service.

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I am a ITL eLearning student focused in adult learning and this is my last class. You can catch me perusing job postings or baking complicated desserts in my kitchen.
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