GenZ Bibliography

Together we are curating rigorous resources relevant to Generation Z as it intersects with digital storytelling and learning. Find something that adds value to our study - no repeats; login to StoryLab, and add your item to the collection below.  Organize and cite it using an APA-ish format and link to the item.  Any professional form of media relevant to our study of GenZ and digital storytelling is acceptable. (articles, videos, podcasts, digital stories, etc).  Put your name in parenthesis at the end of the citation, so we know it's yours.  

Journal Articles

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Web Articles

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White, J. E. (2017). Meet Generation Z: Understanding and Reaching the New Post-Christian World. Ada, MI: Baker Books. (This book has provided our seminary graduate school with some valuable insights into Gen Z views on faith and spirituality that are not available through other resource works. Jacki Soister)


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