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Every Californian has an Earthquake Story - Here's Mine 

Due to the resizing difficulties of embedding my Knightlab Story Map into StoryLab, I have decided to repost my Challenge 3 digital story as a link to my CU Denver LDTE portfolio website and a wepage dedicated to my INTE 5340 Challenge 3: CA Earthquakes: (Note: my basecamp website,, is still in process.)

Here is my Knightlab Story Map filled with many, many, and more hours of California earthquake research and personal history discoveries; video excerpts and compilations; statistics and maps; website resources; voiceover narration of personal stories with background audio tracks, and more! I used Knightlab, Camtasia, Audacity, Soundcloud, Vimeo, YouTube, many apps experimented with along the way, and hours of sweat equity.

Please note: Even though you can click around on the Story Map, the slides are actually meant to be viewed in order, as the story map is also a timeline. However, I realize this is way too long, so if you want the abbreviated 4 min version, go to each of the slides with my Soundcloud narration of my personal stories. And if you view only one video clip have it be the vintage 1971 earthquake video on the slide titled "angry parent"!  

All images, video clips, audio tracks, and other media were available free or for public use, as public domain, or available for non-commercial use.

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