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Open the Door to Your Dreams

"I had the craziest dream last night..."

We've all had conversations similar to this. We enthusiastically try to retell a dream so vivid and lifelike that it had to be real. We desperately attempt to recall fleeting details just outside of our memory's grasp.

For my first project, I chose to imagine a solution for this shared human experience. The idea popped into my head at a most inconvenient time, just as I was falling asleep last night.

Many of the current sleep trackers monitor body movement through actigraphy and accelerometry to determine quality and length of sleep. However, studies show that this data is not always accurate or reliable. These devices are currently unable to monitor brain activity. Curious to see if anything similar to my idea already existed, I reached for my phone. With a quick search, I discovered that scientists are already attempting to record dreams. This once farfetched idea is now closer to reality than we could have ever imagined.

Photo credit: Dream Sailboat - Johannes Plenio, Woman Sleeping - Ivan Obolensky

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