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DOGoogle Virtual Reality Headset: Stop Motion Challenge

I was inspired for this challenge by my newly adopted pup, Sadie! She is absolutely the sweetest dog - she loves to wag her tail, snuggle, eat chicken, and of course - chase a tantalizing squirrel. (Each day she is surprised to find she still cannot climb a tree.)

I mean, c'mon. 

Unfortunately, Sadie has some health problems that landed her in the vet's office a few times just within the past week. Today, I had to leave her in the office for the entire day. It was really tough, especially considering her anxiety and abandonment issues after being relinquished (twice). I've been wishing there was a way to help her pretend she was somewhere else - going to a happy place, so to speak.

Thus, my design fiction was born! If humans can use virtual reality to escape stressful realities... could we convince animals to do the same? I imagined a virtual reality device that could cheer dogs up and lessen their anxiety while they are waiting in a cold vet office. Simply program in their favorite spot at home or even their favorite creature to track and watch the tail wag again.

To illustrate an idea of what it could be like, I created a Stop Motion video (app on IOS) starring paper-Sadie and a prototype DOGoogle Virtual Reality Headset. I did invest $5 to enjoy the full scope of add-ons, including title pages, iMovie transfers, and - perhaps most importantly - audio sound effects. In my opinion, the extras you get are completely worth it!


Note: I worried that this might be insanely unrealistic... but after some research, I found this:

Virtual Reality for Chickens

So... It's possible-ish?

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