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Digital Story - Challenge 3

I have created a webpage on my Basecamp site as a staging ground for what I will create on our school website. It will be going live in a similar format on our school website after school has started and students have watched their grade-level video with their teachers on August 6th. I would love any feedback you have for me before I make this live for them (including feedback on the videos before they watch them August 6th)!

Videos and resources from Securly are linked with permission. I created each video using Vyond and recorded my voice with a Yeti microphone on my MacBook Pro. Photos I included (on the page and in the videos) were taken with my Google Pixel. I can see an improvement as I got more comfortable using Vyond between my first creation (Middle School) and my last video (Parents). There are some recordings you can tell I was in a different room while talking, which I will need to consider for any future recordings (I had no way around that for these due to the way my house is and the people in it).

Here is a list of the media I used (I am still confused on media types I think, I got these examples from the list Brad posted to me in Brainstorm): website, videos, external links to other pages and written media (Securly materials with permission), photo oh a Chromebook at the top. I didn't want to add too much and make the page too busy.

Here is a link to the webpage.

Please let me know what you think! I have different design tools on our school webpage than I do here, so it will likely be formatted a little differently there but I'm thinking something similar.

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