Digital Story #2

One thing I really wanted out of this class was to learn about platforms and apps that facilitate digital storytelling. For my 2nd digital story, I chose to critique a storytelling tool.

The storytelling tool I chose to critique was 1 Second Everyday. Below you will find an introduction to the app, a brief demo of the app, and my personal review and rating of the app based on five categories.

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What is 1 Second Everyday?

In 2011, on his 30th birthday, Cesar Kuriyama quit his job. After reflecting on his 20s, a period of time that now seemed like a blur to him, he decided to make the next 10 years more memorable. After brainstorming a list of ideas that would help him capture his journey, he realized that the iPhone in his pocket was the answer. Rarely leaving home without it, the iPhone in his pocket was the perfect on-the-go storytelling device. in 2015, Cesar recorded a one second video from each day, for 365 days. He uploaded it on YouTube. The video went viral, and 1 Second Everyday was born.

Cesar's idea skyrocketed from there. In 2012, he delivered a TED Talk about his journey. In 2013 the 1 Second Everyday app launched on iOS and Android devices.

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Guided Tour: 1 Second Everyday

1 Second Everyday: A Review

I rated and reviewed 1 Second Everyday based on 5 categories: Utility as a Digital Storytelling Tool, Accessibility, Licensing, Privacy and Use of User Data, and Cost. The app will be rated on a 0-5 point scale, 0 being the worst score, 5 being the highest.  

Utility as a Digital Storytelling Tool - 5/5
The human experience is the ultimate story. Our day-to-day lives contain so many perfect little moments that are often forgotten. These little moments in life get lost amongst the big milestones. 1 Second Everyday is a fantastic storytelling tool that takes small snapshots of literally EVERYDAY, and uses them to show your whole story, not just the big events. This storytelling tool is extremely effective and convenient. It is available on iOS and Android devices. It is extremely user friendly and quick to use. By allowing 1 Second Everyday access to the photos and videos on your mobile phone, the app integrates seamlessly with your content. While this app is aimed at collecting and sharing the entire story of your year, you get to choose which second of your day you upload. If you have a particular theme in mind, such as chronicling the growth of your epic mustache every day for a year, you can make that happen. For something so simple, and that may only take on second every day, this tool has the power to condense your entire year's worth of memories into a 4 minute and 5 second video.

Accessibility - 3/5

This was the one category I felt that 1 Second Everyday was lacking in. For a tool to be a true digital storytelling machine, it has to be able to be accessed by everyone. Everyone has a story to tell, everyone should be able to tell it.

1 Second Everyday is only available in English. While the app is simple enough to use and navigate, possibly without the need to written or spoken directions, it still isn't a great look that there isn't better language support, especially in 2019.

Another thing to take into consideration is the fact that this is a mobile app only. There is no desktop or web version of this software. This is essentially a social networking app, and while most other apps in this category exist mostly on mobile phones, a web or desktop based app would allow those without a smartphone to use it.

1 Second Everyday comes in two flavors: Basic and Pro. I will discuss the Pro features later on in the "Cost" category. For now I'll just say that if you are looking for the Pro flavor of 1 Second Everyday, you need an iOS device or you are out of luck.

Because this app is missing a basic feature like language support for literally any other language besides English, and has virtually zero accommodations for users with visual/auditory impairments, I give it a 3 in this category.

Licensing and Lawyer-ish Stuff - 5/5
1 Second Everyday is very upfront and transparent about their licensing and terms of use. Both of these items are shown to users on the FAQ page and the initial profile set up page. The big points are: you must be 13 years of age to use this app, 1 Second Everyday does not claim ownership rights on any user content, if you choose to upload your user content to 1 Second Everyday they or their partner companies may use all or part of your content as free use material for commercial or non-commercial purposes. They even give you options for how to continue to use their app while keeping your content from ending up in their commercials. Because of their transparency and standard terms of service, this category gets a 5 from me.

Privacy and Use of User Data 4/5
Again, 1 Second Everyday is very upfront about what they are doing with your data and how they are protecting your privacy. They explicitly tell users that they will keep email address, location, and individual video snippets (when uploaded), on file. They will also collect anonymous data from Google calendar (when account is linked) to build out their user interface (perhaps to see when users are using their apps). While they claim to be using security and encryption softwares that "government agencies" and Fortune 100 companies use, they do not expand upon what that means, which is a little odd. Finally, they require all partner companies to have the same standard of data encryption as they do. While most of this information is clear, I'd like to know a little more about what kinds of encryption this company is using for privacy protection. Lack of detail leads to 4/5.

Cost - 5/5
As previously mentioned 1 Second Everyday comes in one of two varieties. The Basic app is free, no catch. The Basic app is the version I used for the purposes of this review. I didn't have any issue with any of the free features, and didn't really feel like I needed any of the features offered in the Pro version. Having said that, the Pro version of the app comes with unlimited cloud backup, longer snippets (up to 3 seconds a day), an extra one snippet per day, removal of the 1 Second Everyday branding/watermark from your video, and a music editor. The Pro version has two different price-points: An annual subscription is $29.99 per year ($2.50 per month) or $3.99 per month ($47.88 per year). I think that the free version of this app is suitable for most users. The only reason they upped the price for a Pro version is because of cloud storage space, which shouldn't command a yearly fee of $30 per year.

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