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Digital Escape Room

For my final digital storytelling project, I took the “choose your own adventure” route and created a digital escape room. This project turned out to be a much greater undertaking than I had originally imagined, but I’m happy that I stuck with it!

Project Goals

I kicked this project off with a few goals in mind:
1. Step out of my comfort zone and make something completely different than I’ve
ever made before.
2. Create a fun, engaging, and accessible tool to use with 3rd - 5th grade students at
the beginning of the school year.
3. Design a way to creatively review expectations and tech use in the Innovation Lab,
our school Makerspace.

Tech Tools

I found a few online examples and tutorials to kickstart my work. However, in the end, the process was mostly trial and error until I created something that fit my needs and goals. I used the following tools to create my digital escape room:

Escape room shell - Google Sites
Submission forms - Google Forms

Text messages - iFake Text Message
News reports - Break Your Own News, The Fake News Generator, and Free Newspaper Generator
Graphics - Unsplash and Pixabay

Voice recordings - Voice Changer Plus
(Shout out to my patient husband for doing these recordings. The final product is a little too Kylo Ren for my liking, but what can ya do? 🙄)

Intro and conclusion videos - Powtoon


As one might expect, I encountered a few challenges and frustrations along the way.

Google Forms and Google Sites did not work together as easily as I had hoped. I changed the Google Form settings to make everything as open as possible, but users will still need to be logged in with a Google account in order to access the forms that require file uploads. I've also read that ad blockers cause sometimes cause issues for Google Sites. Chrome seems to work best.

From a style standpoint, Google Sites is limited. Users mainly drop files onto a preset grid to create each page. The final product is not complex, but it is easy to navigate for both creators and users.

While the site design is somewhat responsive to various screens, the final product definitely looks best on a laptop or larger sized iPad.

My students have Google log ins, Chromebooks, and iPads, so none of these issues are deal breakers. They are just considerations that I will keep in mind when I create my next digital escape room.

Without further ado...

Check out my Innovation Lab Digital Escape Room!

Reminder: You will need to be logged in with a Google account to access full content!

Please feel free to test out the website. Pretend you're an elementary student and save the world from Cyb3r_Cha0s! I’m definitely a beginner when it comes to escape rooms, so any feedback is greatly appreciated!

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