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Dialogue 1 - Jodi Garner & Jacki Soister: "Self-Awareness, EQ, & Digital Literacy"

Our (Jodi Garner, Jacki Soister) Dialogue #1 (6/26/19) was launched from the class reading of: Walking the Line between Reality and Fiction in Online Spaces: Understanding the Effects of Narrative Transportation (Gretter, Yadav & Gleason, 2017). We started a conversation on Hypothes.is about a line from page 4: "a result of their immersion in a specific story world is a 'process that consists of increasing loss of self-awareness and its temporary replacement with heightened emotional and cognitive connections' (Cohen, 2001)."

Jacki: Maybe one of the skills we can teach students is how to read with self-awareness? Pull back from the narrative to gain a bird's eye view and survey the broader narrative landscape, social context, topic and details ("facts"), to become a critical reader (or media experience-r).

Jodi: I wondered how this idea coincides with encouraging readers to "lose themselves in books" as the JK Rowling quote at the beginning of the article suggests. What is the difference between immersion in a digital story and reading (or media consumption) with self-awareness?

The two additional journal articles we reference:

Arabsarhangi, M., & Noroozi, I. (2014, April). The Relationship between Self-awareness and Learners' Performance on Different Reading Comprehension Test Types among Iranian EFL Elementary Learners [PDF]. Theory and Practice in Language Studies, 4:4, 675-685. DOI: 10.4304/tpls.4.4.675-685.

Mokhtari, K., & Reichard, C. (2002). Assessing Students' Metacognitive Awareness of Reading Strategies [PDF]. Journal of Educational Psychology, 94:2, 249-259. DOI: 10.1037//0022-0663.94.2.249.

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