Challenge 3: Vintage Futurism and Design Fiction

For this challenge I looked at the Design Future and the Vintage Futurism challenges. I had an idea that seemed to combine the both of them and since I had not done either of them I thought this was a good way to go.  I was inspired by the video we recently viewed from the person at Spotify.  Where in which he talked about how his company analyzes where and how you use your phone.  This kind of scared me a little bit so I imagined a product called the “Phone Shield.” This product is designed to protect users from the sense of being followed and to allow them to have freedom while using their device.  I physically put together the phone shield prototype so that people could imagine what I was thinking.  The end result for this challenge is kind of a commercial/ informational presentation that would be used to help sell the phone shield.

Tools used for this assignment:                                                                                              Duck and Cover video from the Prelinger archives                    Quicktime, for screencasting                                                                                        Powerpoint for the slideshow, ( I need to get better at this but I am trying)              Imovie for video editing/voice recording                                                                          Paper, Scissors, Pen and Tape for the phone shield                                                     Youtube has my final cut please check it out! Thank you and remember to order yours today!

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