Challenge #3: Renovate My Ride

For my final project, I chose to elaborate on my second challenge, and document my journey building a camping platform in the back of my SUV.  Also, now I have a platform in the back of my SUV, so this project was fabulous.

I'm unveiling the site now, though it's not quite where I wanted it to be by now, but that just means more fun things to look forward to!

The main media here is my website, supported with video, audio, text and graphics. I had an existing travel blog that I redesigned and created a space for this project.

Currently, I have three posts published.

My first post is about the video I had made for challenge 2:

The second post speaks a bit to how I believe our challenges can sometimes be our assets in life. I illustrated the fact that I both create excellent organizational systems and by nature struggle to stay organized if I don't have good systems in place.

This also explained my desire to have a highly organized system in place for weekend trips to the mountains. (I had a lot of fun drawing this).

My third post highlights the video I created when defining my needs for my platform through the use of a mindmap.

I've really enjoyed the way this project and this course have gotten my creative juices flowing. I've been highly motivated to try new things because stories are so exciting. I plan to keep up with documenting my experiences with my platform.

I have two additional videos and three blog posts in the works right now on my designs and the actual build process (with cool time-lapse video!). Alas, Camtasia is breaking my heart right now and crashes every time I attempt to save or export anything. It's been a tough couple days of wanting to do this:

I'm going to give Techsmith a couple days to respond to my 47 support tickets, and my computer a couple days to cool down (and me a couple days to cool down...) but if you're interested, there are some good things coming!

Sneak preview of images in my design video:

And some stills pulled from the video footage:

It's been a great journey thus far and I'm excited to take it further.

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