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Challenge 3

I created a remix of public domain material to address a contemporary issue. The original media can be found here:

The original piece is about heath centers as a solution to health care in under served and under privileged areas. The remix I created is about healthcare for all, and recent legislation concerning healthcare. The struggles that the public have had getting and affording healthcare is a story with a long continuum. I tried to age the more recent images that I acquired to emphasize that the recent past will become ancient quickly. I wanted to underscore that that this is an ongoing issue that we are still grappling with, and will for the foreseeable future.

I posted the piece both to YouTube and to my basecamp site. I used Adobe Photoshop to adjust the images and Adobe Premiere to edit the audio and video. I used Adobe Media Encoder to transcode for web.

Here are the public domain sources I utilized.
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