Challenge #2

I believe I did more than I needed to, I was paranoid since I kind of went rogue and filmed footage that I turned into a trailer (DIY without intending to when I started filming this morning!). I decided I should also create a tutorial on HOW I made the trailer with iMovie using Quicktime (and then edited down with iMovie so it wasn't over 30 minutes long) since that WAS talked about. Ha!

I filmed a lot of footage (and took some photos) at Philip Miller Park this morning in Castle Rock with my Google Pixel 3 while 'working out' and exploring. I took that footage and dumped it into iMovie to create a trailer. I exported the trailer and then promptly turned it into a movie so I could increase the volume on one scene (I was lucky and filmed a zipliner who yelled in joy! It was AWESOME!) and then found a typo in one of the trailer quotes. Sigh. It wouldn't allow me to go back in to edit and I realized I needed to redo it. Luckily, I hadn't created the tutorial yet. I filmed my tutorial while recreating the trailer and then edited the tutorial in iMovie to be more concise.  

Long story short, I'm posting two things. The first is the tutorial explaining how to make a trailer using iMovie Trailer. I recorded this with Quicktime Player and a Yeti microphone. My Macbook got mad and the fan got a little loud...but I couldn't help that (I hope you don't hear it too much!). :) I edited the long footage down to just over 12 minutes using iMovie from over 30 minutes. I posted it to share on YouTube.

How to Make a Trailer with iMovie

I am also sharing the Trailer that I made during this tutorial. You'll hear the zipliner that I was so excited to record and determined to hear over the music (and caused many of my problems today!). Learning how to do that was challenging too, and worth it! I hope you enjoy this, I think it actually turned out pretty well!

Philip Miller Park Trailer

I hope you enjoy this! It was fun to do and a lot of work! I plan to make more trailers of fun activities just for fun in the future and highly recommend trying it if you haven't, I don't think you'll regret it!

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