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Challenge 2: Storymaps

I created an interactive graphic using Esri Storymaps to tell a story about Gen Z.  Check it out here or in my basecamp demo section here.

I just wrapped up making a video for another class I am in, so I was craving something else. I decided I wanted to work with interactive graphics for a change of scenery and because I think they are a great vehicle for communication, including storytelling. Images are the language of our time, so being able to manipulate them in different contexts is a huge factor in personal and professional expression.

I used Esri Storymaps. I wrote a script that described the different influences of Gen Z, and then searched for public domain images to illustrate them. I then cropped and tweaked the levels. After uploading them to my Storymap, I had to re-tweak them to improve the credit placements. I pasted my script into the caption area, and played around with how to fit the image into the slide. The images tell the story.

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