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Back To The Big Island - My Origin Story

For my final digital story I decided to do a journey map.  The map contains pictures and informational text about the Big Island of Hawaii but the main story uses audio clips that tell a narrative about my journey back to my roots.  I look at my childhood with a new fondness and realize the importance of telling my story to my own children.  

Primary Media - Audio: created with Audacity, published through Soundcloud

Secondary Media - Video tutorial explaining my process: filmed with Screencastify and published on YouTube (There are 2 Screencastify videos because I went over my trial limit - sorry I didn't want to pay for an upgrade)

Secondary Media - original photography

My Process - StoryMapJS by KnightLab

My Process continued

I did encounter some frustration with this program (as I explain in the video) and I think KnightLab should go in and do some debugging.  Overall, the program was not too difficult to use and when you are finished, you have a neat way to tell a story.

Hawaii is a magical place!  I hope you enjoy.

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About Suzie Veldman

I am an elementary school teacher embarking on my first year as a DTL next year. In my free time, I enjoy reading, hiking, traveling and trying new restaurants with my husband and 2 sons.