Bacchus: Caravaggio and Roberts

A  modern interpretation


Introduction to Caravaggio

For my first challenge I wanted to recreate a work from one of my favorite artists, Caravaggio. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Caravaggio's works, he was a painter during the Baroque period during the Italian Rennissance.  His works were some of the first works where in which the subjects of the work were portrayed more humanistically.  They were not so idealized.  Also he used a more dramatic lighting asthetic.  I am a painter/former art teacher and I would often look to his work for inspiration.

This Painting

The subject matter of this painting is the Bacchus, who is the god of wine.  I chose to recreate this picture particulary because I had a chance to see the work in person and was amazed by the experience. Like previously stated, this image of Bacchus shows the God of wine less idealized and brought down to earth.  I do like wine however I would not compare myself to such a notorious boozer.  I did my best to rally my props from my house and took some pictures and then took the final image to photoshop.  I would say that photoshop is not normally my medium of choice! Salute, Chin Chin and Cheers!

Modern Bacchus enjoying his Black Box Merlot
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